Matt Smith


Matt-Smith_RGBFrom selling movie tickets as a teenager to owning his own theater, Matt Smith, president of Riverdale 10 Cinema, has had a lifelong passion for pictures. With a focus on providing independent, art, foreign and documentary films, Smith has a very specific clientele.

“I need to reach an intelligent, educated person with disposable income who cares about a serious motion picture,” he said. “I want to reach people who think outside the box. Thats the type of person that would read the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

A champion of art films, Smith said his goal is to nurture the independent-film culture in Arkansas. He knows the ticket to that is advertising in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. His moviegoer searches the paper for movie reviews and showtimes listed, he said.

“The newspaper is the most important piece of advertising I do for my target demo,” he said. “My customer reads the reviews and then sees my ad where the movies are playing. They want that hard copy in their hand.” 

Smith’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette portfolio also includes Sunday Digest and Sync. The healthy mix ensures a powerful reach.

Sunday Digest is a product that goes beyond subscribers, so I’m glad to have an opportunity to reach those people as well,” Smith said.

Smith’s strategic approach incorporates several Arkansas Democrat-Gazette tools that allow the most effective reach. He uses the weekly Sync publication to capture a younger demographic.

“I use Sync to reach an audience that would pay attention to the first-run Hollywood movies we also show,” he said. Smith knows he can count on the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to keep an eye out for the details. When an outside company promotes a film, Smith said his rep double-checks that his local Riverdale 10 address and movie times are accurate.

“My rep is very easy to work with,” he said. “I know I can just fax or email my ad, and she faxes back the proof to me. She always goes out of her way to get everything done right.”