Mark Goodsell


MarkGoodsellMark Goodsell, owner of Goodsell Truck Accessories, likes hearing the phone ring. And after 25 years of advertising with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Goodsell knows just how to make it ring. "I know the ads work because the phone starts ringing when the ads hit the paper," he said. "I definitely see new business every time we run an ad – every time."

He never makes an ad schedule without including the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "Many times we have run a promotion, and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was the only place we ran ads, so we know for sure how our customers found out about that promotion," he said. When he began his start-up company in 1989, Goodsell wasn't sure what type of advertising his business could afford, so he started out buying small ads. It didn't take long to see that the advertising dollars being spent with the paper were paying off.

"We had more and more customers with each ad," he said. "I also increased the size of the ads, and that helped, too."

From toolboxes to trailer hitches, Goodsell's custom truck accessory business keeps his schedule full. He appreciates being able to turn in his ad schedule a month at a time and let the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette handle the rest.

"I know it's taken care of from there," he said. "That's nice."

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's follow-up and follow­-through ensure that his ads are right each time. Securing ad proofs long before the ads run, an attentive staff is ready to assist him with finding his maximum co-op dollars and willingly handle last-minute changes or additions. These are all reasons why Goodsell knows the Arkansas Democrat­ Gazette's advertising is what works best for him and his truck accessory business.

"They are always willing to build an ad the way I want it done," he said. "That's a big deal to me."

After cultivating a highly productive relationship with the ADG, Goodsell regularly recommends the paper to fellow entrepreneurs.

"I have been advertising in the paper for more than 25 years and will continue to do so," he said. It has always been easy and professional. Not one time have I ever been dissatisfied with my advertising in the paper. That says a lot in today's business world."