Kelli Mayfield


KelliMayfieldA third-generation jeweler, Kelli Mayfield, vice president of Wirt’s Jewelers, has jewels in her blood. As a small-business owner, she knows she has to be a jack-of-all-trades. From assisting customers to taking out the trash, Mayfield’s busy schedule makes it difficult to implement a well-planned advertising campaign on her own time. Fortunately, her Arkansas Democrat-Gazette advertising staff makes it easy for her to effectively reach her broad clientele.

We just tell our rep what we’re thinking, and within 24 hours we have a proof, if not even that very afternoon,” she said. “We don’t have to worry about trying to find something effective or gathering graphics. They do it all and make it very easy.

As a small-business owner, Mayfield has a limited budget for marketing, so she was concerned that a powerful tool such as the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette might be out of her reach.

“We never looked into it because we assumed an expectation for what the price would be,” she said. “We had a rep come in, and we put together a half-page ad showcasing how we started the business. It ran on a Thursday, and literally that afternoon, three or four customers came in and said they saw the article. It was fantastic. It sold us immediately.”

Boosting her reach from a one-time ad to a weekly schedule ensures that Mayfield sees new customers come into the store on a regular basis.

“When we ran with other papers, we never had the direct immediate response that we did with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,she said. “Our first ad opened our eyes. It was shocking how many people came in and said, ‘Oh, I saw your ad.’”

From those shopping for engagement rings to people looking to have older pieces restored, Wirt’s Jewelers’ customer base varies. Mayfield knows the paper is the best way to reach her target demographic. That’s why she always recommends the paper to her fellow small-business owners who are looking to broaden their customer base.

“I tell them it is not as unattainable as someone might think,” she said. “With a good Arkansas Democrat-Gazette marketing consultant and an ad placed in the right location, you can get good results. Plus, it stays on the shelf a lot longer than a TV ad that someone may or may not see.”