Greg Herr


GregHerrFor nearly 40 years, Greenhaw’s Men’s Wear has provided high-end men’s fashion to the Little Rock area. During that time, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has helped the store reach its clientele. So when owner Greg Herr took over the store three years ago, there was no hesitation regarding his business’s long-standing relationship with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

“It was a no-brainer to continue the tradition,” he said. “I realized over this long course of history of working with the Democrat-Gazette, people look for our ad. They know we will be there in print or online.”

Customers keep up with Greenhaw’s busy event schedule through the store’s newspaper campaigns. Herr showcases trunk shows, promotional events and big sales in his ads. He knows his consistent Arkansas Democrat-Gazette campaigns are what open the doors to his store.

“We always have to keep our name in front of people,” he said. “Maybe they are not ready to buy immediately, but if I advertise on a regular basis, it keeps my name in front of people, and when they do think of clothing, they’ll think of Greenhaw’s.”

The store’s frequent print and digital campaigns with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette provide results and bring in new customers. Herr said people new to the community pick up the paper or visit and learn more about his custom-made clothing, suits and more.

“It’s the best way to find out who we are and what we do,” he said. “People see the ad with our store info, then call, inquisitive about what we can provide. They say they saw our ad, our picture, or they will ask for the item seen in the ad. That’s proof right there that it’s a great platform.”

Herr’s informative, attentive Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sales staff is always at the ready with strategic suggestions while remaining open to his ideas. Providing creative ad design, well-thought-out ad scheduling and effective placement in the paper, his Arkansas Democrat-Gazette staff makes it easy for Herr to conduct business.

“Very few media show concern for their clients,” Herr said. “The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is one of them. I expect outstanding service because that’s the business I’m in. And I expect it from those that call on me and want mbusiness. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette provides me with outstanding service.”