Bradley White


BradleyWrightTaking over the business three years ago, Bradley Wright, the owner of LeafGuard of Arkansas, knew he didn’t want to tamper with the company’s already-successful Arkansas Democrat-Gazette advertising campaign.

He only knew he wanted to go bigger.

“The campaign had been good at generating calls,” he said, “but we bought the next plan up to three times a week. We wanted to run more and expand our geographical reach. We wanted to boost our advertising and make sure we had a consistent plan out there.”

Running a weather-based business has its challenges. Wright’s strategy? Always be where he knows his target customers are. The paper is a good medium to get the business in front of a lot of people, he said.

“We want to be in front of people when it’s relevant for our product,” he said. “That’s why we are in the local section because we know that’s where our customers are reading and are interested in purchasing our type of products.”

Not only does Wright’s current campaign expand his reach, but he knows Arkansas Democrat-Gazette readers are the ideal target for his gutter-guard system. Always looking for homeowners ready to make a few timely improvements, Wright said the paper provides access to his specific market. His campaign turns quality leads into a consistent line of work.

“Our demographic and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s demographic are hitting the same people,” he said. “We get calls, and we ask how they heard about us, and they’ll say the newspaper.”

An attentive, detail-oriented sales team makes it easier for Wright to worry less about his ads and focus more on the next seamless gutter installation. From determining ad placement to developing a new promotion, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sales team ensures an easy and smooth scheduling process.

“They are always on top of our program,” he said. “They remind me when to update something, turn over new content or recommend additional opportunities based on our target audience. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette takes some of the work out of it for you. I’m always kept up to date on exactly what’s going on with our ads.”