Bob Hupp


BobHuppWhen opening night’s last bow has been taken, the curtains have dropped and the crowd stands to applaud, Bob Hupp, artistic director with the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, sees an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette critic dashing up the aisle to meet that night’s deadline.

“It’s awesomely cool and, in an amazing way, speaks immediately to the importance of being downtown together,” Hupp said. “The paper’s physical presence downtown speaks volumes about the paper’s commitment to the life of the city. It hasn’t picked up and moved to some outlying area. We love having the paper close to us.”

Whenever a new show opens at the The Rep, Hupp knows how to reach Arkansas in a big way. When The Rep uses the paper to promote the theater’s pay-what-you-can nights during opening week of a performance, he knows the lines will wrap around the building. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s mass reach ensures that The Rep’s latest productions will gather word-of-mouth momentum.

“If you want to get the word out, then you want to talk to the folks at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,” Hupp said. “They have many ways of communicating, and The Rep takes advantage of every platform.”

With an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette advertising team that provides personal service, Hupp knows quality assistance is just a phone call away. His ADG team ensures custom, one-on-one marketing strategies designed to fit his promotional needs.

“Increasingly, whether it’s a bank, a phone company or a cable company, we deal with a faceless entity and people who don’t know anything about us,” Hupp said. “At the newspaper, we know who we are dealing with, and it goes beyond just a phone call. If we have a question, we can get on the phone and get it answered directly. That’s a rare phenomenon in the business world, and the newspaper really sets the tone for maintaining those kinds of relationships.”

Every business is defined by the people who represent it, said Hupp.

“We always enjoy and value the people we have had the opportunity to work with at the newspaper,” Hupp said. “Whether it’s the people in advertising or reporters, it’s clear that the people there really care about their work and care about relationships. Our dynamic is always exceptionally positive.”